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Best Free Stock Photography Websites | 2020

Best Free Stock Photography Websites | 2020

Best Free Stock Photography Websites | 2020

Best Free Stock Photography Websites | 2020

Hi friends,Do you need Copyright free Stock Photos??? Here I have a list of High quality stock photography that’s free to use – even for commercial work like Youtube thumbnails,for bloggers etc.These High-Quality,FREE Stock Photography Websites are ready to support your marketing,and the best things about these websites are :
 ✓ Free for Personal and Commercial use 
 ✓ No attribution required

What is Stock Photography ?

Stock Photography is a very popular cost effective method for Publishers/designers to get professional photos with out the cost of hiring the photographer directly.In stock photography the photographer uploads his portfolio to the website(pixabay,pexels etc)and the customer or client can buy it from there(Sometime its free also).
(By the term “stock photos” here I refer to all the image forms purchased under this online method and that might be – vectors,clip-art,computer generated graphics or any other form of imagery)

The Three Best Stock Photography Websites :

1. Pixabay :  This is probably one of the best Stock Photography websites.It’s provide a huge range photographs in different fields like – Portrait Photography ,Landscape Photography,Vector Graphics etc.

2. Pexels : The next I must talk about pexels,this is another  Stock Photography Website which consists a wide range of Photographs.

>> Steps to follow :

  • Go to the Website
  • Put the your keyword into the search bar and hit Enter.



  • Select the image you want to download.
  • Now choose the pixel size,and download it.


3. Stocksnap : This website consists of beautiful free stock photograhs,there are hundreds of High Resolution images added on weekly basis and most important thing is they are completely Copyright FREE !!!


>> Here I have a list of  Stock Photography  Websites :


1. What does stock photography mean?

According to Vangie Beal “Stock photos are basically professional photographs of  landmarks, common places ,nature, events or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.”


2. How does stock photography work?

In this system,Generally Professional Photographers upload their photographs to a particular website (Stock Photography websites like – Shutter Stock,i stock etc)This website uses a database(The photos uploaded by the professionals) of photos to fulfill the needs of its audience. If it matches the audience/buyer requirement these images can be purchased and viewed in two ways –

  1.  As a royalty-free (RF) : Here you need to pay some money to the website.
  2.  Rights-managed (RM) image : In this scenario you can use the image but you need to give credential to the photographer and the website.


3. How do I sell stock photos?

  1. Click as much photos as you can,then choose your top 20 photos with the highest selling potential.
  2. Make sure that you have the copyright of the images.(Don’t use any others image)
  3. Go to the Stock Photography website (Shutter Stock,i stock) and then apply to become a contributor.
  4. Now you have to wait for the review process and approval.

4. How much can you make from selling stock photos?


That depends on few things like –

  • How many photos you have uploaded?
  • What is the photograph Quality ?
  • How is the demand of your photo? 
If every thing is alright,in general, you can expect your stock photos can earn approximately 25-45 cents per image/ month.

5. How can I make money from my photos?


If you can take professional Photos,just sell it online to make money.There are lots of websites which I have mentioned earlier.

6. Which is the best photo selling website?

According to me  – 500px, Shutter Stock and i stock is probably the most profitable option for selling photos online.

7. Can you make a living from stock photography?

I don’t think it will be a wiser choice because there are very few people who can earn $1000 from stock photography. Believe me they are very rare breed !

8. Can I sell photos on multiple sites?

Many People ask me if it’s OK to submit the same photo to multiple stock Photography agencies?  … And my answer is a big YES.
Because let’s understand the basic funda,What you actually do is -simply you upload your best photos to Stock photography websites, and they sell them for you, giving you a cut of the sell,here you are not selling them the copyright. So that’s it,you can simply upload it to various site cause you have the copyright.

I hope this article will help. Stay Blessed  😇😇


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