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Top 21 names for Instagram Photography Page | 2020

Top 21 names for Instagram  Photography Page | 2020

Choosing are recognizable name for your Instagram photography page is absolutely critical,In this case you don’t want to pick any random name right ?You want something that people easily remember but still it will unique which can make you stand out from the competition. Congrats !!!
you are in the right place. Here I have some brainstorming tips for you which will pop up your Instagram page from crowd.

7 Tips on How to Choose a  Awesome Instagram name for your Photography page


  So, before starting,we need take Few things in our mind.

1. Express your niche/ type of photography:

If you are from a particular niche,  You should try to express it through your Instagram name.For suppose your niche is ‘wedding photography’. your Instagram name should be reflect your niche, example-
It helps people identify your service easily.

2.Keep it simple, unique and easy :

 Try to keep  a simple and  easy  Instagram name for your photography page. which can be memorize easily.That will help people to memorize your brand name.

3. Use rhymes:

 Use small rhyming word is a catchy way to help people  remember you. It enhance your recall value and helps you to build a successful brand.

4. Use a name generator website :

Use a name generator website, which will help you to get some suggestions. you  will got the basic idea from there after you can edit them to make it more creative.This is a brainstorming process which will help you to decide the unique name for your photography business.

5. Brainstorm with your friends and Family :

If you are puzzled enough, you can ask your friends and family members to suggest an appropriate name for your Instagram  photography page.

6.Use your name:

If your  name is already a brand, you can tie it up with your  Instagram page name, suppose your name is John so if you go for John’s photography. But remember  this type of things will only work if your name have a good brand value. this is very helpful in case of local SEO

7. Do research on Google:

I’ll suggest you to do your own research on Google.Go through various websites and surveys to get a proper name for your photography business.


1. Avoid long tail keywords:
Don’t  Choose a  long tail keyword  for Your photography business name  in Instagram cause it is hard to remember and sounds awkward.
2. Don’t change your photography  page name:
Once you have got your audience try to to maintain the same page name. because if you change the page name it may  harm your post Reach.Trust me,changing the photography business name after acquiring customers and getting yourself marketed would be business suicide.
3. Don’t use Gender, Ethnicity or Region for a creative Instagram name.

Don’t use gender,region or any offensive words. Always try to use emotional words,Photography terms,Personal type of photography terms,Add some humor,Sweet and attractive words.

4. Don’t use the same name which is already in Instagram.

While searching for a your photography page name always do some research to see if anyone is using that same name or not ?Cause it is very important.
Believe me,you will be amazed when ,I say how many names are already taken. Even in your locality, you will need to do extensive research to see if anyone is using your desired photography name.
Having a lawsuit when starting your photography business is really hard. It requires a lot of money to start a photography business. All of the paperwork you have done is already under that name. Imagine having to change everything if you lose the lawsuit.I hope you don’t want that kind of headaches.Regardless of that, the loser will pay the dispute and the advocates. This could be avoided if you do some kind of extensive research to see if someone is already using that photography name.

Here are some Examples –

@shutter Arena
@Photo factory
@Lens king
@The Artsy Lens
@Photo manic
@Pixel Stories
@Perfect Exposure
@Lens & Pixel
@Lens Stories
@Pixel Valley
@Lensation Picture Studio
@Zoom in Studios
@Laura’s studio
@Pixel Perfect
@Picture Perfect
@Studio Flash
@Studio “Your Name” (This is for them who already have there brand name)

Wedding-Photography Business Name Ideas For Instagram :

@Lovebirds Wedding Photography
@Pixel Stories
@Forever Studios
@Forever Photos
@Memory Makers Studio
@Wedding Crashers Photographers
@Visions Photography


CASE 1 :

Username: @shannajonesphotography

Profile name: shannajonesphotography

Bio:Advertising.Architecture.Fashion.Gastronomy.Interior.Portraiture.Travel&Weddings May-Sept in SPAIN,BRAZIL,FRANCE,LONDON,ITALY,CYPRUS,GREECE…

Result: Look, here she has used her name as her username and as her profile name (This is self branding,Tip no. 6). Her bio clearly tells you what is her niche in photography, including when she is away and where. So a good username, profile, and bio will help you to easily recognized by people. If you can see,she has put a link in her bio which leads to her website so that you can easily contact her.


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