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3 Questions Before Your Perfect Shot

3 Questions Before Your Perfect Shot

3 Questions Before Your Perfect Shot

Many of you want to take a perfect shot, but after mastering all the technical terms a few can take their desired shot. So here I have some simple questions, which can improve your photography skill and bring it to the next level.

1.The first question you should ask your self  ‘Why are you taking this photo?’

Your answer to this question is going to help you to decide your camera settings and composition.
For example, if I am trying to shoot the sunset, I’ll set  f/13 aperture to capture a wide depth of field.
If I am trying to photographing an animal that I plan to use a composite image, later on, I’ll want the whole animal in sharp focus. If I am not using it as a composite, then I might want a creative blur on part of the body to make the image more interesting.
If your intention is to share it on Facebook or Instagram, then you need to think about how your image is going to stand out against the thousands of sunsets already posted.

2. Where is the light Source?

Photography is nothing but the play of light. It is light what makes an image three dimensional. Once you have noticed that where the light is coming from, you can work it into a composition. Remember photography is nothing without light.
If the light is flat and uninteresting, maybe you should return at a different time of a day. Here I would recommend you to look at scenes early in the morning or late in the evening as the sunlight is soft then.


3. Always ask yourself, is this the best angle for the message I’m trying to convey?

If you have time then try to think about what actually you want to communicate through your photograph. Trying different angles can help you to archive your desired shot.
If you change the angle of your shot sometimes it shows you a different story.


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