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Best Tricks For Clicking Great Portraits | 2020

Best Tricks For Clicking Great Portraits | 2020


A great portrait conveys a lot of information about the person or subject in the picture.A portrait is at the basic roots,is a description of the likeness of a person,his/her habits,personality etc.
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  1. More than just likeness : Before taking the shoot one one must understand that a portrait is much more than likeness.A portrait should communicate something about the nature of the subject.
  2. Artist Quality : In great portraits,there should be a mark of an artist who is a great observer-but also the nark of a great designer.According to kelly “An artistic portrait should command attention,make an artistic statement,or trigger an emotional response from the viewer.”
  3. Storytelling : This is the most interesting part of photography,photographer should have the ability of story telling.This is one of the things that separates a great portrait from a ordinary one.
  4. Expression: Expression is a critical to the success of a fine portrait.The expression  should be compelling,causing the viewer to gaze into the eyes of the subject,appreciating the uniqueness of the person and the image.
  5. Attention to details : You have to focus on some important things like the nuances of poses,blending of the tones and other aesthetic details contributed to the successful fine portrait.


Here I have attached 5 quick tips for clicking a Great portrait.
    1. Use Prime Lenses : In Photography a prime lens is a fixed focal length lens (as opposed to a zoom lens), typically with a maximum aperture from f/2. 8 to f /1. 2. Prime lenses are specially made for portrait photography.They are significantly sharper than the zoom lenses.Just because of its wider aperture you can get more light in very low light conditions. It also produces a very shallow depth of field.
    2. Use longer Lens(If you don’t have any prime lens) : Try to use longer lenses because they can produce a solid bokeh effect.If you don’t have any prime lens to shoot,you can use 55-250 mm,70-300 mm lenses.Which will help you to take some amazing portraits.
  1. Camera : I would like to recommend a full frame body over the APS-C
  2. Use External Flash : First of all let me tell you your camera body flash is a hard light source,which creates a harsh effect on your portrait,So I personally suggest you to use external flash light with a diffuser. Believe me you will feel difference !
  3. Find lengths that are not in eye level : This is one of creative composition rule for portrait photography which can help you to add some extra punch in your image.Challenge yourself to find different angles from above or below eye-level to bring a new perspective to the image.Photographers generally use this technique to flatter their subjects of different body types and heights. 
  4.  Find Back light/Or create it : Lighting is the true essence of all photographic images.You must know how to play with light before clicking a great portrait.So try to find a good light source in any situation.(If you don’t have natural light use soft box,external flash or if you are in poor light condition,use reflector to enhance you light source.)The effect of rim light creates the drama in your portrait.


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