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5 Powerful Portrait Tips | P O R T R A I T

5 Powerful Portrait Tips | P O R T R A I T



5 Powerful Portrait Tips | P O R T R A I T


Use light and shadow to convey emotion and create a mood :
         Photography is all about playing with the light,so you have to becareful about that while taking a portrait.To master the art of altering the mood with lighting you have to remember some basic principles.The hardness and the soft/smoothness lights effects your picture dramatically.  
For Example :
                     We use a high key setup is commonly in news, game shows and other TV shows cause the lighting casts very few shadows and makes everything seem bright and happy.This is also known as Neutral Lighting.But in the same case if you reduce the fill light,that changes the mood of the frame and turn it into a serious frame.

Observe the non-verbal cues :

  1. Good eye contact.
  2. A confident handshake.
  3. Allow him/her to be free in front of camera,so take your time and go for your best shot. 


Utilize appropriate lighting for specific personalities :

Basically all the personality traits are different and unique,so in order to maintain it over on your images,you should aware about appropriate lighting for specific personalities.

Use body language techniques to capture authentic expressions from your subject :

Hey have you ever wondered what a pose actually is? Why one pose conveys power, another cuteness? Why the slightest shift can impact the mood of the image so dramatically?

So,the answer over here is very simple.Before humans can speak, we used to communicate each other through gestures, sounds and expressions. This mode of communication is commonly known as body language, and our brains learned how to recognize emotions linked to different behaviors so we could survive and live together.As it turns out, body language is trusted 14 times more than spoken words.Therefore it is necessary  to use body language techniques to capture authentic expression from your subject to make a powerful portrait.


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